Welcome to the unofficial TeamTalk5 information page. From here, you can read about the TeamTalk 5 update and how it might affect you as a user or an administrator.

Please update to the latest version of TeamTalk (5.1.3 as of this writing) for a consistent experience. Several major changes have been made since the initial release of TeamTalk 5.0.

Two important changes between TeamTalk 5.0 and TeamTalk 5.1.3

TeamTalk 5.1.3 added support for channel and user text messages as spoken events. This means two things: First, people who have not yet installed scripts will find they really aren't required anymore. Second, people who have installed JAWS scripts will probably want to turn off automatic announcement of incoming messages, and NVDA users may wish to uninstall the addon for now.

TeamTalk 5 had a somewhat convoluted set of default values for the volume sliders. As of TeamTalk 5.1, all volume sliders have been changed for a better user experience. The default input, output, user gain, and media file volume is now 50% which means that there is no gain applied at this level. You should leave these defaults alone most of the time.

Background Information

On March 15th, 2015, TeamTalk 5 was released as a final product and is now considered ready for use by the general public. We can expect that many server admins will want to update their version 4 servers to version 5 to take advantage of the new features available. Since so much has changed in version 5, users wanting to connect to an updated server will need to update to this release. However, the TeamTalk 4 and TeamTalk 5 applications can quite happily exist on the same system and run side by side.

There's plenty more information below, but here is a link to the downloads section for TeamTalk 5. You'll find versions of TeamTalk 5 for all supported operating systems here.

Windows screen reader users will want to download the normal installer and, when asked which components to install, choose the classic client.

Doug Lee's JAWS scripts have been updated for TeamTalk 5 classic. You can also install this NVDA addon

What You Need to know as a User

If you were a user of TeamTalk 4, the first thing you need to know is that TeamTalk 4 and TeamTalk 5 are completely separate applications. TeamTalk 5 is stored in a different program folder than 4, and has a separate configuration file and server list. In short, you can install and run both versions at once without any problems.

TeamTalk 4 cannot connect to TeamTalk 5 servers, and TeamTalk 5 cannot connect to TeamTalk 4 servers. The latter is especially important. Do not uninstall TeamTalk 4 if you know you plan on continuing to use TeamTalk 4 servers.

If you are running the latest version of TeamTalk 4 (version 4.6.3), and you try to connect to a TeamTalk 5 server, you will get a message that says "incompatible protocols". This means you need to enter the server information into TeamTalk 5 instead. User accounts may not all have been recreated, so it might be necessary to contact a server administrator if you require one to connect.

Having said all this, the interface for TeamTalk 5 is almost identical. you still have a classic client, and it looks pretty similar to version 4.

Highlights of the TeamTalk 5 release

An important note about volume changes

The default volume levels have changed in TeamTalk 5.1. Please make sure you have installed this, or the information provided here will not work with your setup. More information can be found below.


Here are some noteworthy changes users might want to know about:

I have not had a chance to test out TeamTalk 5 on a modern mac yet, but I am told it is more accessible, though I do not believe VoiceOver users can read the channel tree, yet. Comments would be appreciated.

Notes for Server Administrators