What Is It?

TeamTalk is a server-based, high-quality voice chat system. Users install the TeamTalk client on their computer or mobile device, and connect to a server by entering a hostname or IP address, and a port number. From there, the users can join channels to talk to others; send text messages privately to other users; and stream audio or video to the channel.

TTHub gives you a personal voice chat server. It can be a public community, a place for all your friends, or just a place for streaming audio back and forth at high quality. You'll get control of the welcome message, user accounts, and channel settings.

TeamTalk Features

For Administrators

For All Users


TeamTalk is compatible with Windows Screen-readers such as JAWS and NVDA. The client can be configured to speak various messages directly to a compatible screen-reader, and will fall back to the system voice if nothing else is available. There are also many keyboard shortcuts, visible in the menu, which will quickly speak information or jump to various screens. On iOS and Android, TeamTalk is compatible with built-in screenreaders such as Talkback and Voiceover, and will use the built-in voices to announce events such as logins and messages.