Server Locations

In order to insure the lowest possible latency between users, TeamTalk servers can be hosted in many locations around the world. Below is a list of hosting locations and their corresponding domain names.

Each of the below locations also has two public servers with full encryption. There are no restrictions on the use of these public servers.

United States

Other Locations


  1. This New York server is also the original home of TTHub, thus the domain also leads here, as it has always done. NY.TTHub.US exists for consistency, but it can be used interchangeably with to connect to the same set of servers. To maintain backwards compatibility with the current New York users, this will not be changing in the near future.[^]
  2. Because every state is simply a subdomain of TTHub.US, I chose to make Dallas the default .US location. TTHub.US will point to the same set of servers as TX.TTHub.US, so these can be used interchangeably. Out of all US server locations, Dallas is the closest to the center of the united states.[^]
  3. Yes, I know. Every other location gets its own continental or national TLD and Australia doesn't. This probably bothers me as much if not more than the Australians reading this. Unfortunately the domain registrar over there has some pretty strict requirements on who is allowed to register a domain, and TTHub currently does not meet these requirements. In the meantime, will continue to add subdomains to the original .org domain for any locations that don't fit anywhere else, including Australia.[^]